Enhanced Schedule Data

This year the race schedule will include information about all the race sessions e.g. FP 1-3, qualifying and sprint races. In general, dates will be provided for all sessions but session times may be missing until they have been confirmed.

Keeping the schedule up to date can be challenging, so if you see changes reported in the news do let me know if I’ve missed them.

Note that the current or future availability of sprint qualifying data is indicated by the presence of a Sprint element in the race schedule entry.






2 responses to “Enhanced Schedule Data”

  1. Mike Avatar

    In this note you mention that you are implementing Sessions FP1-3. Did you end up doing that? Can’t find any information on it.

    Thanks for doing this!

  2. Mike Avatar

    Never mind. As I read the post again it’s just Schedule Times that you’ve added, not the actual data from the practice.

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