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402 Responses to “Feedback”

  1. Admin says:

    Would it satisfy you needs if the site used a self-signed certificate? Unfortunately it costs money to obtain one from a trusted certificate authority.

  2. Peter says:

    I have used which is free, very easy to install with Apache and gives a properly signed cert.

  3. Jens says:

    Great Service. Can you add a constructorlist in the driver details, so it is possible to show all teams for a driver?

  4. Jens says:

    Thanks Daniel, maybe i have overseen it in the documentation, But isn’t it easier to use if you not have to do a second API call?

  5. Jorge says:

    Will the site be updated to reflect the post race penalties for the USA and Mexican GP?

    USA: Kevin Magnussen was given a post race 5s penalty and dropped to 12th

    Mexico: Sebastian Vettel was given a post race 10s penalty and dropped to 5th

  6. Admin says:

    Hi Jorge,
    Thanks for the heads-up. All now done.

  7. Caspar says:

    Is there any way to distinguish between a DNS and a DNF? e.g. Grosjean was a DNS in the last race, and Hulkenberg was a first-lap DNF back in Singapore, but their positionText are both “R” and I can’t see anything different to distinguish them.

    Thanks in advance!

  8. Admin says:

    Hi Caspar,
    The positionText for Grosjean should have been “W” in the last race. I’ve made the correction.

  9. Stergios says:

    Hi there,

    I’m building something really cool on top of ergast! I’ll share it as soon as it is ready. 🙂

    One question. Is there any way to get the fastest lap of a race without downloading all the laptimes of all drivers? I’m using the API, not the DB.


  10. Admin says:

    Hi Stergios,

    Yes, the fastest lap for each driver is included in the race results. Loop thru the results and select the one where rank=1

  11. David says:

    Hi guys!

    Could be possible to add track length to circuit information?

    Best regards,

  12. Admin says:

    Hi David,
    I did consider this but then realised that the length of many circuits has changed over the years. Unfortunately, the data model doesn’t allow circuits to have temporal versions.

  13. Bart Delano says:

    Hi Admin,

    Are there changes expected for the 2017 season or will the data of the database image and rest calls be the same as in 2016?


  14. Admin says:

    Hi Bart,
    I’m not planning any changes to the database or API this year which will continue into the new season.

  15. Bart Delano says:

    Thanks Chris!

  16. Stergios says:

    Hi Chris,

    I’ve just launched this blog ( where I’ll be posting on quali and race predictions. All underlying data are, of course, taken from your excellent API.

    I’ll prepare more cool analyses in the future.

    Thanks for your great work,

  17. Emma says:

    Hi, great API, really useful so far!

    I’m writing something for a fantasy F1 game which has some (imo) weird rules.

    Is there a way to tell the actual start position?
    The example I’m working with is:
    RIC’s grid for the (2017) Australian GP was P15, but he actually started the race a few laps down, from the pit lane as he broke down on the formation lap. So then everyone from P16 up effectively started the race one place higher than their grid.

    Is there any way to tell that from the API?

    Thanks in advance,

  18. Admin says:

    Hi Emma,
    Thanks for the positive comments.

    Ricciardo’s grid position was recorded incorrectly and has now been updated – the API uses ‘0’ to indicate that a driver started from the pit lane (I’ll add a note to the documentation).

    Note that drivers don’t move up the grid when this happens – they leave the slot unoccupied.

  19. Søren says:


    Would it be possible to add a position filter for qualifying results like race results? Like this:


    It’s not that big of a deal that the option is missing, but I’m guessing it would be pretty simple to implement and it would also make it more consistent with the race results API.

    Best regards,

  20. Admin says:

    Hi Søren,

    Good point. I’ve now allowed it in qualifying queries e.g.

    However, for the time being you can’t specify a qualifying position in other types of queries – this would need a lot more work.

  21. Chris says:

    Thanks for this great resource. Curious if there is any information out there about tyre data for each lap?

  22. Admin says:

    Hi Chris,
    Unfortunately not – I’ve been unable to find a reliable and continuing source of tyre data, which would be a really useful addition. If you find a source please let me know!

  23. Chris says:

    Hi Chris,

    Are you able to get qualifying data from before 1994? I’m trying to analyse this in particular and it would be great if you had it available!


  24. Admin says:

    Hi Chris,
    Unfortunately, I don’t have this is in the database but you can find it on other sites e.g.

  25. Beginner says:


    I am not a programmer, but am attempting to demonstrate some analytics software with an interesting set of data (non-commercial use). I would like to get the full set of F1 data in some kind of raw format e.g text file, CSV, excel – all of which can easily be imported into my analysis software.

    Can you tell me if there is a way I can get that please?


  26. Admin says:

    Hi Beginner,
    It is possible to create a CSV file from the database but obviously it produces a flat table with many repeated fields. What columns would you want in such a table?

  27. Beginner says:

    Hi Chris,

    The software I’m going to demo is pretty good at importing data from flat file sources such as excel and can create joins between different tables (it sees each sheet in the excel as a table). I’m also pretty comfortable with manipulating the data in excel if needed.

    I don’t actually know what columns I need specifically, because I am still learning the software and I want to play with data to see what interesting graphs I can produce (and therefore which fields I need). The point of the demo is to demonstrate how easy it is to produce multi-dimensional analysis of complex data.

    Can you export table by table and put it in separate files, and then I can place in excel sheets?


  28. Admin says:

    Hi Beginner,

    OK, try this:

    There’s a file for each table plus a text file describing the schema. Text encoding is UTF-8. Let me know if you have any problems.


  29. Beginner says:

    Hi Chris,

    This is brilliant! Thanks for your help. I will play with the data and if I come up with anything useful I’ll send it back to you!

    Do you have a join map of how these tables link? I can work out the obvious ones like anything with ID in it, but it would be useful to see how your database is constructed?

    thanks again

  30. Admin says:

    Hi Beginner,
    All fields ending “Id” and the “year” field are unique values which link entries in different tables.

  31. Mat3osz says:

    how long it take to update all info in the API with currents results?
    Anyway it’s a really great api, and i love it. It’s simple and gather a lot of info.
    Thank you!

  32. Admin says:

    Hi Mat30sz,
    It depends on when all the data becomes available and personal commitments. In the FAQ it says 3 – 6 hrs after the race and it’s usually at the lower limit.

  33. Jamie Gough says:

    is there a way to see what tyres drivers were using on any particular lap, what they changed to at pitstops etc?

  34. Admin says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Unfortunately not. I’ve not been able to find a reliable and consistent source of tyre data.

  35. paipa says:


    I’ve processed and checked the results of every qualifying session since 1983. There are a few minor issues, but I’m working them out. At the end I will hand it over to you for inclusion into the database. I would like to ask for some input on how I should do it.

    If you don’t want to throw out too much valuable data, this will require a bit of thinking about how to squeeze them into the current schema, because qualifying formats have changed a lot over this timeframe.

    1983-1995 was Q1 and Q2 with the best laptime determining grid position, no matter which session it was set in.
    1996-2002 was single session 12-lap quali.
    2003-2004 was single-lap Q1 and Q2 but only Q2 counted towards grid position, Q1 merely determined order of running in Q2.
    2005 was aggregate single-lap Q1+Q2 for the first six races and single lap Q for the remainder of season.
    And since 2006 the current Q1-2-3 format that the schema is designed for.

    The obvious way of going about it is registering Q1 and Q2 laptimes, and let the user figure out what the “final” qualifying time was: the better one, the Q2 time, or the sum of Q1 and Q2. Perhaps introduce a “quali_format” field into the “races” database. The other option is exploiting (or should I say abusing) the existing Q3 column and put the final quali time in there according to whatever rule that was in effect then.

    I would like to ask for some feedback on how I should proceed.

  36. Chris says:


    I just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work which has gone into this system. I’m now using it to collect race & qualifying results for use my FantasyF1 system, just a little non profit thing I run for my friends, family & work colleagues for a bit of fun.

  37. Admin says:

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for the positive comments. Glad to hear the API has helped you to build something interesting and maybe learn something along the way – that’s what it’s here for.

  38. Stergios says:

    Hi Chris,

    When will the qualifying data for Spa be updated?

  39. Fattazzo says:

    race data fro Spa ( round 12 ) are wrong.
    Look at
    Lasts laps have wrong position (3 intead 2 ) or no position ( las 3 )

    Some others drivers have wrong data.

  40. Admin says:

    Hi Stergios, Fattazzo,
    Apologies – there have been a number of technical issues this weekend. The qualifying data is now available but the lap times still need to be fixed.

  41. Fattazzo says:

    Hi Chris,
    Do not be sorry, your work is always excellent!

  42. Toby says:

    Hi Chris,

    Huge thanks for creating and maintaining such an fantastic data resource and API. Discovering Ergast inspired my brother and I to create our blog ( and to continue developing the skills needed to bring it to life.

    Your ongoing efforts are very much appreciated. Thankyou!


  43. Brad says:

    Chris, I wanted to say thank you for all of your efforts. We use the data to work on our web skills with PHP and MySQL. We have a lot of fun with it.

    -Brad & Karen

  44. Admin says:

    Hi Toby,
    Thanks for the kind comments. That’s an amazing site you’ve both built – I don’t think I’ve ever seen something quite like that! Would you mind if I add a screenshot to the Ergast application gallery?

  45. Admin says:

    Hi Brad,
    I’m really pleased the site has encouraged you to improve your skills. A lot of the data people have to work with is a little dull – so providing data they’re enthusiastic about is a great motivator.
    You’ve probably noticed the database design is very basic – so any tips on improving it would be very welcome.

  46. Toby says:

    Hi Chris
    Sure, that would be great! You’re welcome to post a screenshot of anything on the site.

  47. It seems as if Bottas has gone missing from the qualifying result. Will this be fixed?

  48. Admin says:

    Hi Flemming,
    Thanks for the heads-up – now fixed.

  49. Vivec says:

    Hi Ergast,

    Waiting feverously for a new db-image (after each race :)). Any info on when the Japan laptimes come online? Latest one seems the one from 8th oct.

    Keep up the good work!

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