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If you identify any API bugs or errors in the data please record them here.

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  1. Caspar says:


    I can find all the announced drivers for the upcoming season except for the recently announced Merhi? Also, are you planning to treat Marussia the same as last season or create a new Manor Marussia team?

    Thanks for the good work – using it to run a Fantasy F1 league for some friends.

  2. Admin says:

    Hi Caspar,

    I’ve added Merhi (driverId: merhi) and Manor Marussia (constructorId: manor)

  3. Caspar says:

    Excellent, thanks!

  4. emkael says:


    Two minor bugs in the results table:
    – Manny Ayulo’s shared drive to 3rd place in the 1951 Indy 500 (resultId 20185) has NULL as position, instead of 3
    – Ralf Schumacher finished 8th in the 2005 San Marino GP (resultId 1207), but has been demoted to 9th post-race – yet position value for that entry is NULL and positionText is “8″

    Also, the Heidfeld grid position from Australia 2000, mentioned here: http://ergast.com/mrd/bugs/comment-page-2#comment-12125 is still incorrect in the database.


  5. Admin says:

    Thanks Emkael – All now corrected.

  6. Brieuc says:


    There is a mistake in this qualifying: http://ergast.com/api/f1/2015/4/qualifying

    This is not Jos Verstappen in P15 but his son, Max.


  7. Admin says:

    Thanks Brieuc – now corrected.

  8. Fabrizio says:


    in the 2013 season result table, Mark Webber has not the “permanentNumber” field.

    For example, here: http://ergast.com/api/f1/2013/1/results.json


  9. Permanent numbers were only introduced this year, and don’t apply to past drivers – only current ones.

  10. Fabrizio de Ceglia says:


    for the 2015 bahrein gp, Romain Grosjean has no “Time” field after “Status:Finished” field in the Race results table.


  11. Admin says:

    Hi Fabrizio – Thanks for the heads-up. Time now added.

  12. emkael says:


    I’ve taken a shot at cleaning up the positionText column of the results table.

    Albers’ position in China 2006 (resultId = 1087) has some garbage after “15″ (probably leftovers from a footnote).

    Apart from that, I’ve checked the non-numeric values for that field and assumed that their strict meaning is as follows (correct me if I’m wrong, /methods/results page does not elaborate on these symbols):
    - ‘E’ denotes entries excluded before the grid is formed (in qualifying or in practice)
    - ‘D’ denotes entries disqualified after the race has started
    - ‘F’ denotes entries which failed to (pre)qualify
    - ‘W’ denotes non-starters (entries which qualified but did not take the start – or successful restart in case of a lap 1 red flag)
    - ‘R’ denotes retirements (entries which failed to run to the finish and were not classified)
    - ‘N’ denotes non-classified entries (which finished the race but failed to complete required number of laps)

    By these conditions, there are several adjustements to the positionText values, mostly detected when comparing positionText with status.status:

    Larini was excluded from qualifying in San Marino 1988 (resultId 8551), so should be ‘E’ (instead of ‘D’).

    Numerous entries are marked as retirements (‘R’) but where in fact DSQ (and have a correct ‘Disqualified’ status). These are: Bonetto in Germany 1952 (resultId 19792), Magill in 1958 Indy 500 (18559), Winkelhock in Netherlands 1983 (10982), De Cesaris in Spain 1993 (5704), Bellof in Dallas and South Africa 1984 (10463, 10267) and Brundle in South Africa 1984 (10265). The last three were retirements, later revised to disqualifications after Tyrrell were stripped of all their 1984 results.

    Four retirements are marked as non-classifiers: Tuero in Luxembourg 1998 (15822), Buettler in Italy 1971 (3977), both with engine failures, and Ickx in USA 1971 (15878), Pescarolo in France 1971 (15732), alternator and gearbox failures, respectively.

    Two qualifying accidents for qualified drivers (so, according to the code, should be ‘W’ – non-starters) are marked as non-classified: Donohue and Henton in Austria 1975 (14469, 14470).

    Two qualifying accidents for non-qualified drivers (either due to 107% rule or due to grid too small, so these should be ‘F’ – non-qualifiers) are marked as non-starters/withdrawals: Fisichella in France 2002 (2435) and Montermini in Spain 1994 (4512).

    Several non-classified finishes are marked as retirements: Kelly in GB 1951 (19955), Hawthorn in Italy 1952 (19834), Van der Lof in Netherlands 1952 (19809), Beltiose in Belgium 1973 (15059), Jarier in spain 1974 (14616), Brundle in Australia 1985 (10213), Gugelmin in France 1989 (8119), Alliot in Mexico 1989 (8008) and Dalmas in Italy 1990 (7408).

    Also, the two BAR entries in the 2005 Australian GP (1152, 1149) are marked as retirements, while in fact both cars were pulled into the pits on the last lap, so both Button and Sato were classified in the race (11th for entry 1149 and 14th for 1152).

    I know that’s a lot of changes, so here’s the SQL dump for these entries, so you can verify and apply them more easily: https://gist.github.com/emkael/0c56b135aeb1a86086f0

    There’s probably more work to do on the status.status side of similar issues, but I don’t have any idea how to tackle these at the moment (and status.status values are less likely to be aggregated to produce some meaningful stats then positionText values).


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