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  1. Antho says:


    I’m Antho, I’m a developper and I have an idea of a small project to display some stats or facts about Formula e races. I think it would be smart to begin by aggregating datas to building a database or even have an API like yours which is very complete and detailed (nice work by the way !).

    I saw you began this work on Formula e races few years ago but you did not continue with recent seasons, right ?
    I wondered if it would be possible to draw inspiration from your F1 project and model to build it (I think some tables would be similars) ? Or maybe contribue to yours in some way to add/construct theses datas ?

    For information, did you use other existant services to automatically collect some datas to your database or did you manually search and add informations in your system (that will be a lot of work…).

    Thanks for your read.


  2. Admin says:

    Hi Antho,
    It became too difficult to support Formula E because the format, scoring and reporting of the races kept changing in the early years. Each change required code changes and testing. The historical data for Formula 1 came from a variety of sources and contributors.

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