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  1. maateh Avatar


    (Hopefully that Feedback page would be the right choice to post this.)

    When I read that the API will be deprecated I started to work on a project which would be able to replace your API.

    Before I started to work on it I had seen there was a fork on github which wanted to be a rewrite of the Ergast F1 API but on a NodeJS basis instead of PHP. But I saw that the project had cancelled.

    So I made a decision to start to rewrite that API but from the completely ground up. (because I have a personal project too that is based on this API and I didn’t want to cancel it)

    So what I’ve meant under “from the ground up”? (I didn’t mean like at the new Forza Motorsport game :D)
    So my first starting point was that I didn’t want to keep PHP. I’ve never work on a PHP project and I’ve never learnt much about PHP and personally I totally don’t like it. So my API is built on a NodeJS basis and uses ExpressJS for routing and handle the requests.

    I’d tried to kept the current routes default logic like as they’re structured currently. Apart from some minor changes because my hands are tied because of ExpressJS routing I think it was successful. If somebody wants to migrate their project in the future of course he will need to change some endpoints but it won’t be so hard because the base routing logic structure was kept.

    …and the main change happened under the hood and not just because I’m using NodeJS. Firstly, when I started working on this project I’d wanted to use “Sequelize” because it allows to define models and allows to work with these, but it would have required a lot of unnecessary rework on the existing SQL database structure.

    At this point I was thinking a lot what will be the best solution to handle data. Of course the DB dump was given and I had the choice to just import it for a MySQL database server and simply use it but I didn’t want it too much. Why? There are two main reasons.

    I wanted to stay the code as clear as possible (for me) and because of this it was a must for me to separate my routes, models and controllers (plus some additional services) inside of my API.

    Because the Sequelize was thrown out for known reasons I didn’t have any idea how should I modelling and handling data.
    (Of course would have been a solution if I had written models as JS classes and parse the given data for myself but I wouldn’t have wanted that because it would have required a lot of maintain and because I will work on this rewritten project I don’t want to work with write SQL queries “manually” because I don’t like it so much such as I don’t like PHP too. 😀 Sorry.)
    So I was thinking about what would be a good solution while I was watching a sprint race. I had a few project in the past where I was using “mongoose”. This is doing nearly the same functionality as “Sequelize” but using MongoDB instead of an SQL.
    So I had an idea and I made a decision while I was watching that new sprint race format: MongoDB is providing an easily scalable database format and these days when everything is changing in Formula 1 basically day to day might be easier to change something in a NoSQL database format instead of a SQL and because these personal reasons that I’ve written above I decided to write a converter which can convert your MySQL DB dumps into a MongoDB database. (Of course the data model has changed a bit – at some places not just a bit).

    So now where am I? I have a very advanced progress with all of these thing that I’ve written. Except the driver and constructor standings data I have a very well working and of course fully functional API which is able to do (nearly) all of the stuff that the Ergast F1 API can provide including everything (even your data filtering mechanism).

    When I’m done, I will plan to make this API available (like as a service along with its source code), and of course I want to give the opportunity to all those who want to continue working with all the data you provide in these DB Dumps, but currently have no alternative after the API service will stop.

    I just wrote all that because I’ve read that there are people who are asking about that there will be any alternative solution after the API shutdown and because I’m pretty sure that I will finish this project because I also want an alternative solution for myself so I tought that it will be a good opportunity to share all of that here with you.

    Additionally, I want to ask you about that would you give your permission for this API project if it will be an alternative API instead of yours which will still based on using data that you provide?
    And besides I want to thank you all of your work even so I’ve just became a user not so long ago but keep up the good work, the data you provide is amazing!

    P.S.: Currently I don’t have any ETA but I think I can finish everything maybe this year but making the service available is rather what is still in question (of course just only if you permitted it).
    (P.S.P.S: sorry if my english wasn’t good at places, I’m not a native english speaker plus I’ve just started learning it deeply not so long ago. 🙂 )

  2. Jing Avatar

    Hello there! Thank you for your fantastic work!

    May I ask where I can find or are there the official definitions of different categories in this dataset, like collisions, accidents, etc?

    Thank you so much!

  3. Admin Avatar

    Hi Jing,
    THere are no official definitions – it’s just a simple description.

  4. Admin Avatar

    Hi Maateh,
    All the data from Ergast is free to use under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Licence so you are free to use it for the purposes you describe.
    Good luck with your project.

  5. Mat Avatar

    Hey Admin,

    So you’re basically transcribing the PDF’s that FIA publishes?


  6. Admin Avatar

    Hi Mat,
    I have several options.

  7. Niels Avatar

    Hi Chris,

    It’s sad to see this API end. But thank you for all the time you put into this. Maintaining the data, with the ever increasing amount of events, must’ve been quite the job.

  8. Dionisio Avatar


    Really sad to read about the deprecation of the API. I’ve discovered it last year and made me really happy to stumble upon this site.

    But one question popped into my head. Is the database not going to be updated anymore altogether, or is just the API is being deprecated?

    Because I could live without having an API to query all this curated data; and develop a new one for personal use. But what I really find useful, and very difficult to mimic, is the amount of accurate data put in database; updated race after race.

    For me, not having the database updated anymore would be the real loss here.

    Please, if you could kindly tell me what will happen to the database after the deprecation. It will be much appreciated.


  9. Admin Avatar

    Hi Dionisio,
    I won’t be updating the database beyond 2024 but other people have expressed an interest. Time will tell if they’re serious.

  10. Niklas Avatar

    This API is awesome, when will it show the 2024 season as current? When is the switchover from 2023 to 2024 in the API?

  11. Admin Avatar

    Hi Niklas,
    See the FAQ

  12. Nik Avatar

    When will the times for the upcoming races for 2024 be visuable in the API you think?

    Thanks for all your hard work with this API

  13. Maurice Avatar

    @Admin Currently, the start times of the 2024 races are missing. Also in the .json, the dates and times of the other sessions are missing. Will you be adding those?

    @maateh I was wondering if you are still working on your alternative API?

  14. Yarik Avatar

    I just want to express my gratitude and say thank you for providing so much valuable data for so many years!
    Have a great day!

  15. Pascal Avatar

    Can you please set the current season to 2024? still points to 2023

  16. Maurice Avatar

    @Admin It’s a bit disappointing that on the home page you say the API will be kept alive for the 2024 season, but you are not fixing the issues that are currently preventing it from working (no start times, current season is still 2023).

  17. Cyril Avatar

    Guys, this is from the FAQ:

    “For the purposes of the API, a season is assumed to begin when results become available for the first race of the season. This transition will be seen if the field in URLs is set to “current”.

  18. Cyril Avatar

    It’s written in the FAQ:

    “For the purposes of the API, a season is assumed to begin when results become available for the first race of the season. This transition will be seen if the field in URLs is set to “current”.”a

  19. Ab Avatar


    Thank you the hardwork on the Ergast database. In the latest version of the csv files is nr 842 (Pierre Gasly) missing.

    843,”brendon_hartley”,28,”HAR”,”Brendon”,”Hartley”,”1989-11-10″,”New Zealander”,””

  20. Lidia Avatar

    HI! Excellent work with this API, it is a shame that is being deprecated. I am using it for a college final project and by trying different things today, because I kept having problems with other parts of the code, I think I surpassed the 200 request pulls and are now blocked. I didnt think I did it so many times, sorry. Is there any way I can be unblocked? (I will keep in mind this so it doesnt happen again)

  21. Admin Avatar

    Hi Lidia, the block should clear automatically at midnight GMT.

  22. Josh Avatar

    How can we help keep this alive?

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