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  1. Antho Avatar


    I’m Antho, I’m a developper and I have an idea of a small project to display some stats or facts about Formula e races. I think it would be smart to begin by aggregating datas to building a database or even have an API like yours which is very complete and detailed (nice work by the way !).

    I saw you began this work on Formula e races few years ago but you did not continue with recent seasons, right ?
    I wondered if it would be possible to draw inspiration from your F1 project and model to build it (I think some tables would be similars) ? Or maybe contribue to yours in some way to add/construct theses datas ?

    For information, did you use other existant services to automatically collect some datas to your database or did you manually search and add informations in your system (that will be a lot of work…).

    Thanks for your read.


  2. Admin Avatar

    Hi Antho,
    It became too difficult to support Formula E because the format, scoring and reporting of the races kept changing in the early years. Each change required code changes and testing. The historical data for Formula 1 came from a variety of sources and contributors.

  3. Jouvy Avatar

    Hi Admin,

    Just want to give feedback, can you add Sprint race result and points to points in this API

    Cause this not returning the same value as total points in the standings API.

  4. dmartin Avatar


    When I tried some api queries, I found that in DriverStandings, Drivers have the data of their Constructor, but in ConstructorStandings, Constructors do not have the data of their Drivers.

    So I was wondering, why there is a difference between the two?

    Thanks in advance for your answer
    and for your excellent work.

  5. Admin Avatar

    Hi Jouvy,
    The points from the Sprint Qualifying Races are reported in a separate endpoint e.g.

  6. Admin Avatar

    Hi dmartin,
    It’s a long time since I designed the API so it’s difficult to remember. It was probably two things:
    – trying to keep the SQL queries simple for efficiency
    – trying to keep the size of the responses as small as possible
    Aggregating the drivers for each constructor would slow down the API considerably and make the responses considerably larger.

  7. Jouvy Avatar

    Hi Admin, can you point the /current schedules and everything to season 2023 now since testing race is coming? thanks

  8. Admin Avatar

    Hi Jouvy,
    Unfortunately, I can’t change the shortcuts at this late stage without considering the repercussions e.g. empty results for some of the most common API requests.

  9. Jouvy Avatar

    Hi Chris,

    All constructors data in this API are currently empty, can you help to check?


  10. Admin Avatar

    Hi Jouvy,
    See this post in Latest News:
    The association between drivers and constructors is established by adding a set of race results which will happen later today. I know this is less than ideal but it makes sense in some ways because you never really know who is going to turn up and race until the Grand Prix. (remember USF1?).

  11. Jouvy Avatar

    Hi Chris,

    Ah, I see, got that buddy. Thanks for always listening to my questions and ideas Chris. You are such a nice developer!


  12. Chris Avatar


    Great API, building a pool-app with for me and my friends. Just wanted to let you know the number of Max Verstappen is 1 and not 33 anymore 🙂

  13. Admin Avatar

    Hi Chris,
    The race results provide two driver numbers – the permanent driver number (the PermanentNumber field) and the one used during the current season (the number attribute). This was the only way to accommodate all the possible variations when the permanent driver numbers were introduced.

  14. Martin Avatar

    Very good api, nice to play around with. I was wondering whether it would be possible to add session durations to the API for various items, like practice sessions or quali. Or perhaps even a race and sprintrace (when its still going on to show that) so we can also include how long its been till a session and active session messages or whatever. For most sessions it wouldn’t be difficult to add and for races its a bit more difficult since it needs to update and post-session update on how long it took, but you can play around with some cool stuff if you know if F1 is still live.

    Perhaps, in the future, update the database as the race is going to really add some live tracking features.

  15. Jocke Avatar

    Great API! Amazing work.

    I’m wondering if the fastest laps for the weekends race will come in later or if it’s just missing for this race?

    Keep it up!
    / Jocke

  16. Michael Avatar

    Thanks for the great work

  17. Bhavya Avatar

    Thank you for the great work,
    Can we have a year specific driver information call, which includes the numbers of wins of driver of that driver in that specified season?

  18. Admin Avatar

    Hi Bhavya,
    This is possible with the results endpoint – just add a “1” at the end e.g.
    The number of wins is the value of the “total” attribute.

  19. Mario Avatar

    I’m encountering a problem. Whenever I refresh the page that is displaying data from the server I am getting 404 error. The first time is displaying the data, but the moment the refresh button is pressed is giving 404 error.

    I would really appriciate if someone could help me.
    The GitHub repo is down bellow.

  20. Oscar Avatar

    Time on Baku for the Sprint Quali is one hour before the data in your db 🙂

  21. Wesley Avatar

    Due to the change in the sprint races format the labels are incorrect.
    Keep up the great work!

  22. Pau Avatar


    Since the Emilia Romagna GP 2023 was called of, would it be possible to have the same rounds criteria as the F1?

    R05 – United States
    R06 – Emilia Romagna
    R07 – Monaco

    Thanks in advance!


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