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  1. lingfish Avatar

    Agree with sperry, round numbering is wrong due to Italy cancellation.

  2. Admin Avatar

    Sperry, Lingfish – does the FIA use round numbers? I can’t see any in use on the FIA site.

  3. Novik Avatar

    Hi, it looks like timing data for Hamilton and Russsell are incorrect for Monaco GP 2023. Likely similar to previous reports for other GPs this year.

    Thank you for maintaining this resource! 🙂

  4. sperry Avatar

    Based on the schedule on the F1 website itself, it lists each round with a round number (https://www.formula1.com/en/racing/2023.html). They still have Italy listed as round 6 but flagged as “Called Off”.

    But you’re right, they don’t list round numbers on their results page (https://www.formula1.com/en/results.html/2023/races.html).

    I can’t really think of a precedent about whether or not the the round numbers should be kept or reused for cancelled rounds. The only previous cancelled round I can think of, that’s at all recent, is back in 2011 when Round 1 in Bahrain was called off during the Arab Spring. In that instance, they just renumbered the rest of the season starting with round 1 in Australia. But since that was effectively before the season started, it was more like a preseason adjustment to the schedule than a cancelled round.

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