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If you identify any API bugs or errors in the data please record them here.

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  1. Philipp says:

    Hi, I’ve found a slight problem with the data of the 2018 Brazilian GP Race (round 20). In the ‘Time’ column, the timestamps are formatted as ‘+1.469s’ for example. All other sessions that I have checked, it is just ‘1.469’ without the ‘s’. This is slightly problematic when parsing these values and should maybe be changed, so it’s the same as everywhere else.


  2. Admin says:

    Hi Philipp,
    Thanks for the report – now corrected.

  3. Edgardo says:

    Hi, the 2022 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix (Round 4) appears to be unavailable.


    “MRData”: {
    “xmlns”: “http://ergast.com/mrd/1.5”,
    “series”: “f1”,
    “url”: “http://ergast.com/api/f1/2022/4/sprint.json”,
    “limit”: “30”,
    “offset”: “0”,
    “total”: “0”,
    “RaceTable”: {
    “season”: “2022”,
    “round”: “4”,
    “Races”: []

  4. John says:

    Hi There,

    Thank you for a great APi.

    I noticed that in the (at least) the 2022 Imola GP, the FastestLap data was omitted from the results json object. Is this just an omission or is it added later?

    Many thanks.

  5. Bhagat says:

    While getting all the race dates for a project, I had some issue figuring out the timezone of the race. For eg: the race is in USA, it is 8th of May for them, but in India, it is 9th of May. Possible to include timezone info along with the race schedule?

  6. Admin says:

    Hi Edgardo,
    Sorry about the delay – the Sprint Race data failed to appear from my usual source. I had to enter the data manually the next morning, which wasn’t a great way to start the weekend!

  7. Admin says:

    Hi John,
    Unfortunately the Fastest Laps data failed to appear from my usual source. I had to hunt around for it and then enter the data manually on Sunday evening.

  8. Admin says:

    Hi Bhagat,
    All the date/times in the API are UTC, so you should be able to adjust them to your local timezone, without using the race timezone.

  9. Shafie says:

    Qualifying results from 1998 to 2002 seems to be not recorded for all GPs.
    For example: 1998 only has results for 7 GPs in total while 1999 has only for 3GPs.

    see: https://ergast.com/api/f1/1999/drivers/michael_schumacher/qualifying

    Thanks for taking a look. Cheers!

  10. Admin says:

    Hi Shafie,
    As mentioned in the Qualifying method documentation, results are only fully supported from the 2003 season onwards. If someone sends me the missing data in a machine-readable format I’d be happy to add it.

  11. DC says:

    The full list of circuits seem to include 3 too many entries:

    The erroneous entries are Hanoi (there was never a GP there), Port Imperial (same), and double entry for A1-Ring/Red Bull Ring (it’s one and the same circuit, so it should not feature in the list twice).

  12. Philipp says:

    Hi Chris, the Qualifying results for this weekends Monaco GP contain a small error. Qualifying Position 16 is listed as Car 14, Fernando Alonso but should be Car 23, Alexander Albon. The single Q1 time for P16 is correct.
    As a consequence, the results contain Alonso twice.

  13. Admin says:

    Hi Philipp,
    Oops, that’s embarrassing. Now corrected.

  14. Admin says:

    Hi DC,
    The Circuits table includes any circuit that has appeared in the Races table at some point, so Hanoi and Port Imperial remain, although the races were cancelled. The A1-Ring/Red Bull Ring issue is debatable. It’s true they’re concern the same location but the circuit layout is different and, of course the names are different. If someone searches for an Austrian Grand Prix between 1997 and 2003 which name would they want to see for the circuit?

  15. DC says:

    Hi Chris,

    There are plenty of circuits that changed over the years much more drastically than the Red Bull Ring (aka A1-Ring, aka Osterreichring). And yet all their different configurations appear under one name. Same goes about name changes: this is by no means the only circuit that had “aka” in its history. Are you still sure it’s such a special case?

    As for Hanoi and Port Imperial, if they are vestiges of some old-but-now-erased data in the database, what’s the point of keeping then? Your DB is not a what-could-have-been record, it’s a record of what was. So I’d advise removing them. I’ve dealt a lot with historical data in my life – I don’t think keeping these two has any benefits (but it has plenty issues associates with it)…


  16. Jeroen says:


    found a slight error:


    16 23 Alexander Albon Alpine F1 Team 1:13.611

    Alex Albon is put there as Alpine instead of Williams.

  17. Admin says:

    Thanks Jeroen – now corrected.

  18. Al says:

    Hey admin,

    Tried reaching out via email about a problem im having and got no response so just wanted to verify. Is admin@ergast.com the correct address? That seems to be what the “contact me” button generates.


  19. Admin says:

    Hi Al,
    Apologies – email forwarding seems to be broken.
    You should be able reach me on: ergast.com@gmail.com

  20. DC says:

    Hi Chris,

    Would you be able to clean up the 3 extra track entries (per discussion above)?

    When dealing with data, consistency is key. Hopefully you understand 😉


  21. Admin says:

    Hi DC,
    I’m not sure I agreed with you, but I’ve done it, since you care about it a lot more than I do!

  22. Eelco says:

    In the latest f1db_csv.zip lap_times.csv seems to be damaged.

  23. Admin says:

    Hi Eelco,
    Damaged in what way? I see 889 entries for the last race which appears to be correct.

  24. Pablo says:

    In 2018 Russian GP Qualifying Lance Stroll’s racing number is 28 where it should be 18.

  25. Admin says:

    Hi Pablo,
    Thanks – now corrected.

  26. LF1 says:

    Hi, there is an error in the results of the last GP (Montreal). Alonso drops from P7 to P9 after being hit with 5 second time penalty.


  27. Admin says:

    Thanks LF1 – now corrected.
    I hadn’t had time to check the final classification this morning.

  28. Alexandre says:


    I’m currently working on a project using FastF1 package which pull out data from your database. I have encountered loading errors because of some typos in ‘Time’ column of Results table:

    +8.959 sec
    it should be +8.959

    ‘s’ should be removed

    + 25.6
    + 53.3
    + 1:06.7
    there should be no space

    is it possible to correct them?
    Many thanks

  29. Admin says:

    Hi Alexandre,
    Done! Let me know if you spot any more.

  30. Arnaud says:


    Thanks for the goldmine of data !
    One thing to note:
    for the raceID = 908, driver ID 820, the first pitstop is missing in the pit_stop tqble (only number 2 and 3 reported)
    for the raceID = 1024, driver ID 832, the first pitstop is missing in the pit_stop tqble (only number 2 reported)


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