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  1. Eneko Alonso Avatar

    On driverStandings table there are also some duplicate entries for driverId 128, on races 300, 301, 302, 303 and 304.

    The constructorStandings and driverStandings duplicates can be removed by the following two queries:

    delete from constructorstandings where constructorstandingsid = 24518;
    delete from driverstandings where driverstandingsid in (7118, 7149, 7180, 7211, 7243);

    Finally, on the results table, there are 83 occasions where the same driverId has 2 or more results for the same raceId. This would mean the same driver participated on the same race for different teams. Did those drivers actually switch teams mid-race?

    These entries can be found with this query:

    select driverid, raceid, count(1) c from results group by driverid, raceid having c > 1;


  2. emkael Avatar

    “Finally, on the results table, there are 83 occasions where the same driverId has 2 or more results for the same raceId. This would mean the same driver participated on the same race for different teams. Did those drivers actually switch teams mid-race?”

    Not necessarily different “teams”, just different entries, your query does not group by teams (i.e. constructors).

    And yes, shared drives and car switches have long history in F1.

  3. Admin Avatar

    Thanks Eneko,
    The standings errors have been corrected. I’ll work through the 83 results to find out what the problem is in a few days.

  4. emkael Avatar

    Hi, Chris, I’ve just checked. Nothing’s the problem with these.

    77 of these are just shared drives/car switches.

    The remaining 6 are:
    – two entries for Harald Ertl in the 1978 Italian GP (he DNPQ’d an Ensign and DNQ’d an ETS)
    – two entries for Keith Greene in the 1962 British GP (he was initially entered in car 50, but that didn’t arrive, so he practised in car 48 and DNS’d)
    – two entries for Ron Flockhart in the 1958 Monaco GP (he tried and failed to qualify a Cooper and a BRM)

    It’s just that a unique constraint on (raceId, driverId) is an invalid assumption on Eneko’s behalf as there are genuine multiple entries for the same driver in some races.

  5. Eneko Alonso Avatar

    Thank you looking into it, emkael. Agreed, a unique index constraint for the races table does not apply, my bad. I updated the gist with the indices last night to reflect that change. The other indices should work well.


  6. Admin Avatar

    Thanks Emkael – hard to imagine all that car hopping these days!

  7. Alan Avatar

    Hi Chris,

    Will you update the database image with latest races and drivers? 2017 races are not in the races table yet….



  8. Admin Avatar

    Hi Alan,
    Done – watch out for updates though, as new drivers are announced etc.

  9. Rob Avatar

    qualifying row with id 409 has strange characters in the q1 column:

    qualifying rows with raceid 64 are incorrectly formatted:
    id 998 = 1:15:329
    id 988 = 1:14:862
    id 990 = 1:14:934

  10. Rob Avatar

    Further to my previous qualifying formatting issues there are some that have the following formatting:

    id 1007 = 1.20.080

  11. Admin Avatar

    Thanks Rob – all now corrected.

  12. Eneko Alonso Avatar

    Jean Alesi has grid position 41 on 1998 Australian Grand Prix (result id 3666). The correct grid position is 12. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1998_Australian_Grand_Prix#Race)

  13. emkael Avatar

    The ’98 Australian GP has incorrect grid position for Jarno Trulli, too. He qualified 15th, Wikipedia lists grid position of 11 (the same as Wurz’s).

  14. Jorge Gonzalez Avatar
    Jorge Gonzalez

    For the 2017 Season I tried querying http://ergast.com/api/f1/2017/results?limit=1000 and noticed that the displayed number (#2) for Stoffel Vandoorne was coming out at (#47) in one of the columns.

    After poking around i noticed that the “attribute:number” is correctly showing #2 for him but his “driver.permanentnumber” is set to #47

    Can you please fix this?

  15. Jorge Gonzalez Avatar
    Jorge Gonzalez

    Also, the grid #s shown for Australia-2017 seem to be outdated.

    Daniel Ricciardo shows up #15 after he received a 5-grid penalty but during the formation lap his called stalled and he was forced to start from PitLane moving everyone below him up one spot and having him start from PitLane (i.e. 20).


  16. Admin Avatar

    Eneko, Emkael,
    Thanks – now fixed.

  17. Admin Avatar

    Hi Jorge,

    Thanks, now corrected. Note that drivers don’t move up the grid (the vacated space is left unoccupied) and that I use ‘0’ to indicate that a driver started from the pit lane.

  18. emkael Avatar

    Thanks for the fixes.

    Ricciardo’s case is an odd one – I can’t recall any precedent of a driver “retiring” into the pit lane on formation lap, but not retiring from the race entirely.
    So far, it’s been either a grid drop into the pit lane (due to penalties) – the grid was moved up because that was the new correct grid order, and driver(s) starting from the pit lane were at the back of the grid.
    Or, it’s been a DNS (with either grid position “0” or driver’s initial grid position) if a car didn’t make to the grid.
    All in all, not sure how it should be handled.

    Anyway, speaking of grid position bugs – 1989 Spanish GP, Eddie Cheever (resultId = 8388) has a grid position of 61 (number of laps he covered in that race) – should be 22 ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. sperry Avatar

    Will there be an update for the whole VES/VER acronym debacle, resulting in reporting Verstappen as “VER” from 2017 onward?

    He’s currently still turning up as “code=VES” in the Aussie GP results.

  20. koen Avatar

    Hi, max verstappen is named VER in 2017 ( .. it was VES in 2016 2015 ..)

    thanks Koen

  21. Admin Avatar

    sperry, koen,
    Thanks for the heads-up. Verstappen is now VER but this can’t be time-dependent due to technical limitations.

  22. koen Avatar

    Hi, ok, why not just change it to VER so that it is correct now in stead of being correct in the past ?

  23. Admin Avatar

    Hi koen,
    That is what I’ve done.

  24. koen Avatar

    oki thx

  25. sperry Avatar

    Thanks a ton, Chris. Not just for the VES->VER update, but for hosting and maintaining this whole API!

  26. BasiL Avatar

    Hi there!
    F1 driver standing shows wrong order here
    vettel and hamilton have same points, same wins. But vettel goes first because he win first.

  27. Admin Avatar

    Thanks Basil – now corrected. Looks like there’s a bug.

  28. Mark Avatar

    Hi Chris,

    Really like the API, helping me creating a hobby project. Noticed a small error in the circuit name for the Russin circuit. It no longer is called “Sochi International Street Circuit” but it is now called “Sochi Autodrom”.


  29. Admin Avatar

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for the heads-up – now updated.

  30. Will Vaughn Avatar
    Will Vaughn


    Why is all the numerical data formatted as strings?

    For example: https://ergast.com/api/f1/2017.json

    “round”: “1”,

    could be

    “round”: 1,

    “season”: “2017” => “season”: 2017

    “limit”: “30” => “limit”: 30


    There is a lot of numeric data, JSON is able to represent numbers, and I would expect it to be numeric.

    I’m sure you have reasons for outputting all strings, what are they though?


    – Will

  31. Admin Avatar

    Hi Will,
    I agree – this wasn’t quite right at the beginning and then it became hard to change things without breaking things for users.

    I can’t remember the reason but it was probably due to the fact that the JSON format was derived from the XML, where attributes are strings.

    There’s also the issue that some fields are usually numbers but there are exceptions e.g. a position is usually a number but can also be “R”, “D”, etc. If you use string fields in the database you have the flexibility to cope with this.

  32. Ben Avatar

    Hi! I’ve got a bug for you: if you query this http://ergast.com/api/f1/2017/drivers/ you will see Max Verstappen in the table however querying http://ergast.com/api/f1/2017/drivers/verstappen returns 0 results and querying http://ergast.com/api/f1/drivers/verstappen will return only Jos Verstappen, max’ dad.


  33. Ben Avatar

    Above also happens with palmer

  34. Admin Avatar

    Hi Ben,
    Whenever a new driver has a surname used by a predecessor I add a qualifier e.g. the driver ID for Max Verstappen is “max_verstappen”.

    You should hopefully get the correct results from:

  35. bassti Avatar


    I think the 1987 Austrian Grand Prix has an error in it. It has “1987-06-18” as its date, but was on August 16, 1987. Seems like the numbers are a bit mixed up

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  36. Admin Avatar

    Hi Bassti,
    Many thanks for the heads-up – now corrected.

  37. paipa Avatar

    Hey, thanks for the great database.

    Qualifying laptimes are malformatted in a lot more cases than already submitted. There are four different kinds of errors:

    1. colon between seconds and milliseconds (qualifyId 988 1786 5323 5324 5325 5326 5327 5328 5329 5330 5331 5332 5333 5334 5335 5336 5337 5338 5339 5340 5341 5342 5343 5344 5345 6411 6413 6418 6447, note that some of them have this error in all q1-q2-q3 entries, others only once or twice)
    2. period between minutes and seconds (5665 5669 5670)
    3. other kinds of strange characters (499 1632)
    4. empty string instead of NULL (too many to put here, 161 instances, but you should be able to find them).

    The next issue is mapping race results to qualifying results via the keys raceId and driverId.

    There are six instances where a qualifying result can’t be mapped to a race result. In detail:
    resultId 5435: driverId should be 113 (Philippe Adams) instead of 70 (Zanardi)
    qualifyId 4019 and 4038: driverId should be 47 (Baumgartner) instead of 42 (Pizzonia)
    2011 Australia: Liuzzi and Karthikeyan DNQ, but it’s not shown in results. They didn’t race but normally you still include them in the results with the statusId of DNQ or 107% rule.
    2011 Monaco: Perez DNS due to injury. This too is usually kept in the results with the correct statusId.

    Furthermore, the database has complete qualifying information since 2003, but it sometimes misses instances when a driver did not qualify but was 1) still allowed to start the race, 2) didn’t start either but is recorded in the results database with a flag like DNS or Injury.
    The list of post-2003 resultId-s that have no matching qualifyId are: 2014 2130 2145 20858 20880 21044 21195 21362 21423 21540 21611 22521 22525 22575 22615 22674 22831 23064 23135 23187 23220 23326. In these cases IMO the consistent way is putting NULL, NULL, NULL laptimes in the qualifying table regardless of whether the driver participated or had some issue.

  38. paipa Avatar

    Patrese was born in 1954-04-17 and not 1957-04-17.

  39. emkael Avatar

    There are way more instances of incorrect birth dates. I’ve got them all in a single SQL file, which tracks any corrections that I found and reported here, but weren’t fixed:

  40. Admin Avatar

    Thanks Paipa – Patrese corrected. I’m working on the longer list.

  41. Admin Avatar

    Thanks emkael – this must have been a lot of work.
    I’ve run these updates and re-published the database image.

  42. emkael Avatar

    The winning difference for the 1977 Monaco GP is incorrect. Lauda in 2nd (resultId = 13371) was +0.89s behind Scheckter, with a race time (in milliseconds) of 7073660.

  43. Admin Avatar

    Thanks Emkael – now corrected.

  44. James Avatar

    Is anyone else finding this API super slow at the moment? Really want to work with this data, but am finding it excruciatingly slow at the moment.

  45. Admin Avatar

    Hi James,
    What query are you making? I’ll see whether I can reproduce your problem.

  46. James Avatar

    Hi Chris,
    I’m trying to do calls on the 2017 lap times from codepen, and i’ve been finding the response time very slow – to the point where I changed to a different api to test the concept I was building. The data seems to be responding ok today, but http://ergast.com/api/f1/2017/11/drivers/hamilton/laps was certainly taking a very long time yesterday.

  47. Admin Avatar

    Thanks James. It looks like the performance issue was due to a brute force attack on the site. We’ll be introducing some protective measures to reduce the impact of these in the future.

  48. Fattazzo Avatar

    race data fro Spa ( round 12 ) are wrong.
    Look at ergast.com/api/f1/2017/12/drivers/vettel/laps?limit=100
    Lasts laps have wrong position (3 intead 2 ) or no position ( las 3 )

    Some others drivers have wrong data.

  49. Tony Hirst Avatar

    Race data from round 2017/12 – laptimes are missing?

  50. Admin Avatar

    Hi Tony,
    As mentioned on the feedback page, technical issues prevented the lap times from being imported accurately last weekend. Unfortunately, a fix may take some time.

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