Permanent Driver Numbers

Drivers participating in the 2014 season onwards now have a permanent driver number. For these drivers there is a new PermanentNumber field in the Driver element. However, the value may sometimes differ from the value of the existing position attribute in the Result and QualifyingResult elements. This will occur in earlier seasons or where the reigning champion has chosen to use “1” rather than his permanent driver number, as Sebastian Vettel has done this year.

To accommodate this change the schema has been updated to: mrd-1.4.xsd






3 responses to “Permanent Driver Numbers”

  1. Harsha Deep Reddy Avatar

    It is a bit confusing right now although my app does handle missing fields ..
    I am holding off until the season starts to add the field to my app
    coz of issues with older drivers not having that field in every query

    @Admin, can you clarify the above query about older drivers a bit more.

  2. Admin Avatar

    If you stick to using the number attribute nothing has changed in this or in previous years. Webber won’t ever have a permanent driver number because he’s retired this season so this field will always be missing. In the new season all the driver results will have the usual number attribute and the new permanent driver number field. These numbers will be the same, except for Sebastian Vettel, where the attribute will be “1” whilst the permanent driver number will be “5”.

  3. Harsha Deep Reddy Avatar

    Thanks, resolved now 🙂

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