2013 Season Changes

Pressure of work and the disappointing absence of any reliable source of tyre data means that there are few changes to the API for the 2013 season.

The only new feature is the introduction of the official three letter codes for each driver. Wherever the Driver element appears (i.e. in the Driver, Race and Standings tables) there is a new “code” attribute for all drivers from the 2005 season onwards.

The only significant change to the API is that the Result element now has both a “position” attribute (which is always an integer) and a “positionText” attribute (which is an integer when the driver is classified or a letter to signal their finishing status).

Looking forward to the first race of the season, and checking-in the first set of results to the API database!






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  1. flagadajones Avatar

    I’ve just found your API and now i’ll go to launch an android Application project on F1 data.

    Thanks for your very complete API.
    I hope it’s continue for the next season

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