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If you identify any API bugs or errors in the data please record them here.

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  1. Noam says:

    Thanks for your amazing database which allows to do so many insightful analysis.
    I noticed an error in the United States Grand Prix 1991 (raceId 305). Time delta for Piquet and Modena are wrong (+1:17 and +1:25), it is actually (+17s and +25s) (see formula1.com/en/results.html/1991/races/559/united-states/race-result.html )

    However, I was wondering if it is possible to add to the db Qualifying and Fastest Laps data for races available on the F1 website as their archives are quite complete.

  2. Noam says:

    Another small mistake is in the name of Boy Hayje (driverId 257), his surname is Lunger in the database

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