Formula E series support

Ergast is pleased to announce support for the new FIA Formula E Championship on an experimental basis throughout the first season of the new series.

URLs are identical to those required for Formula One except that the series identifier changes to "fe" e.g.

Currently there is no data for fastest laps, lap times or pit stops.

Feedback and suggestions would be very welcome.






10 responses to “Formula E series support”

  1. Chris Southam Avatar

    Absolutely cracking Chris, really impressed. Was just about to start compiling this data myself and was in the process of approaching the championship to get an API sorted for them.

    One really interesting area of stats that would be worth covering if the data is or becomes available is the power usage over time (per lap). That would be great to build into graphs over time to track the actual increase in ‘performance’ over the next couple of years.

    Great work again, thank you!

  2. Admin Avatar

    Hi Chris,
    Many thanks for the positive comments. It would be great to improve the range of data covered for Formula E so please let me know if you find additional sources. Several students have used the Formula One data for research but they always want more (tyre data and sector times in particular). Formula E has great potential as topic for academic research.

  3. Joao Avatar

    The api of the formula is returning desatulizados results, namely the classification of the pilots and teams.
    Can correct?

  4. Admin Avatar

    Hi Joao,

    Apologies – I’ve been having technical difficulties with the import of Formula E results. They’ve now been updated manually.

  5. Fabio Avatar

    So the FE is not being updated anymore?

    I tried to fetch: /api/fe/current/driverStandings.json and didn’t get anything, but I get results when I change the FE to F1.

  6. Admin Avatar

    Hi Fabio,
    Formula E data was only supported in 2014 – unfortunately nobody used it.

  7. Rudy Avatar

    Hi, I was hoping the FE information would be available. is it possible to reconsider the FE decision? FE is getting bigger fast and there is more and more interest.

    Thanks for the fantastic API!

  8. Admin Avatar

    Hi Rudy,
    Unfortunately, I don’t have time to cover another series – it takes more effort than you might think.

  9. VIktor Avatar

    I guess you have discontinued this API? I know it is a big thing maintaining it. I have FE mobile app and it will be great if there is chance to reestablish this API. I use your API for F1 Android app Fnews1 and its great.


  10. Admin Avatar

    Hi Viktor,
    Unfortunately it was discontinued – partly because very few people used the API and partly because the results format kept changing and it was a lot o work to track the changes.

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