Constructor Information

To obtain a list of all constructors within a series, year or round use the following URLs:

Each constructor listed in the response is identified by a unique constructorId which is used to identify the constructor throughout the API. To obtain information about a particular constructor append the constructorId e.g:

Constructor lists can be refined by adding one or more of the following criteria:


For example, to list all constructors a specific driver has driven for at a particular circuit:

Alternatively, to list all the constructors who have achieved a particular final position in the championship:

XML Example Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<MRData xmlns="" series="f1" limit="30" offset="0" total="3">
    <ConstructorTable driverId="alonso" circuitId="monza">
        <Constructor constructorId="mclaren" url="">
        <Constructor constructorId="minardi" url="">
        <Constructor constructorId="renault" url="">

JSON Example Response

  "MRData": {
    "xmlns": "",
    "series": "f1",
    "limit": "30",
    "offset": "0",
    "total": "3",
    "ConstructorTable": {
      "circuitId": "monza",
      "driverId": "alonso",
      "Constructors": [
          "constructorId": "mclaren",
          "url": "",
          "name": "McLaren",
          "nationality": "British"
          "constructorId": "minardi",
          "url": "",
          "name": "Minardi",
          "nationality": "Italian"
          "constructorId": "renault",
          "url": "",
          "name": "Renault",
          "nationality": "French"

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