Sprint Qualifying Results

Sprint qualifying results will be properly supported during the 2022 season and data for the sprint races in 2021 has been added retrospectively. For details of the new API method and response format see the documentation page. Feedback between now and the beginning of the season would be very welcome.

Note that the sprint qualifying points were previously aggregated with the race points in the race results. They are now recorded separately – and last year’s race results have been amended. Apologies if this breaks existing code but I couldn’t think of a better way to introduce the change going forward.






6 responses to “Sprint Qualifying Results”

  1. Jérôme Ventribout Avatar
    Jérôme Ventribout

    That’s very interesting, but it seems that the total points of a driver for a weekend is no more summed in the race result.
    Is it possible to have an optional flag on the race result to keep this old behavior, so I can prepare the transition in my app ? 🙂

    Anyway, thank you so much for this great API.

  2. Admin Avatar

    Hi Jérôme,
    Sorry – the changes required to support sprint qualifying were complicated. I can’t always maintain backwards compatibility – which is why changes are done out of season.

  3. Philipp Avatar

    Hi, the Sprint in round 14 has the same values for ‘Grid’ and ‘Pos’ instead of the actual grid order.

    Thanks for now providing the sprint results too. I was hoping for that.

  4. Jérôme Ventribout Avatar
    Jérôme Ventribout

    Hi Chris,

    No problem, I know that backwards compatibility can be tough sometime.

    Another request/remark:
    Would it be possible/easy to have an attribute about Sprint qualify mode for a race in schedule list ?
    So I won’t need to call the sprint endpoint when it’s not needed.


  5. Admin Avatar

    Hi Philipp,
    Oops, that’s embarassing – now fixed.
    Many thanks,

  6. Admin Avatar

    Hi Jérôme,
    This may help: http://ergast.com/mrd/enhanced-schedule-data/
    The sprint races can be identified by the presence of a Sprint element in the race schedule entry.

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