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Here are some examples of the amazing things people have built using the Ergast Developer API. If you would like your own application to be featured on this page please contact us with details.

F1 Archive

Colin Chambachan has developed a website called F1 Archive using Next.js and TailwindCSS. The site currently provides information about past races but is to be developed further. All the code is available from GitHub.

F1 Formula

Jenny and James Martin have developed an app called F1 Formula for both mobile and desktop using Angular and Bootstrap. The app provides information in data tables, maps and charts.

Check-out the extensive “Best of the Best” rankings – from “Youngest Driver Entries” to “Wins from farthest back on the starting grid” and many more.

Oracle Programming Book

Data from Ergast is featured in a new book “Modern Oracle Database Programming” written by Alex Nuijten and Patrick Barel, published by Apress. You can order a copy from Amazon.

F1 Lap Visualizer

Yannick Gloster has developed an amazing Formula 1 Race Visualizer using D3.js and React. After selecting a Grand Prix, you can select a specific lap or play through the entire race to see how the gap to the leader evolved over time. Source code for the project is available on GitHub

F1 React

Batuhan Uluçay has created a fascinating React website to visualize Formula 1 data. It uses TailwindCSS and Material UI for styling, and Vercel for deployment. The project combines data from Ergast with data from several other APIs:

All the source code can be found on GitHub:

Pit Crew Alexa Skill

Pit Crew screenshot

Rob Walsh has developed an amazing Alexa Skill which you can use to ask for information about the next or last Formula 1 race, the last race results and the drivers championship standings. You can enable it on all your Alexa devices. The source code is available in GitHub.

F1 Hub Web App

F1 Hub screenshot

Rob Walsh has also developed an Angular JS application called F1 Hub. In his words: “It’s designed to be a SPOILER FREE way to lookup results for the current season” which will be handy for those who can’t watch races live. The source code is available in GitHub.

Xamarin Formula 1 App

Xamarin Formula 1 App screenshots

Gheorghe Dârle has developed a Formula 1 using Xamarin Shell. The app displays a wide range of information and has both light and dark modes. All the code is available in GitHub.

Formula Driver Stats

Formula Drive Stats screenshots

Grant Hosticka has developed an app called Formula Driver Stats for iPhone, iPod touch and Mac. The app lets you check out historical driver statistics from Formula 1: Select a driver, then a circuit, and see how they have performed historically. You can download the app from the Apple App Store.

Formula Stats

FormulaStats screenshots

Jorge Núñez has developed a full-featured Android app called Formula Stats. Its main features are:

  • Calendar of the current Formula 1 championship
  • Current Formula 1 championship race results
  • Historical stats of the drivers
  • Historical stats of the constructors
  • Cool design
  • Completely Free
  • No Ads

You can download it from the Google Play store.

Pitbox iPhone App

Bob Muller has developed a cool iPhone app called Pitbox. The app provides information about upcoming races, circuit illustrations and a wide range of standings information. It’s available free from the Apple App Store. Bob is keen to hear any ideas you have to make Pitbox even better.

Formula 1 Race Predictor

Formula 1 Race Predictor screenshot

Veronica Nigro has used data from Ergast and a machine learning approach to predict the winners of future Grand Prix. You can read about her data analysis in this detailed article which explores issues such as the importance of pole position and drivers racing in their home country. All the associated code is available in GitHub.

Formula Race Calendar

Formula Race Calendar screenshot

Stefano Romanello has developed a very polished looking Android app called Formula Race Calendar, which allows you to view the dates and times of the free practice, qualifying and races of Formula 1. It also provides full details of driver and constructor championship standings. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store. Additional features will be added in future updates!

Flashback – Formula 1 Statistics

Flashback screenshot

Jordan Fisher has developed an impressive Android app called Flashback providing a full range of features about Formula One past and present. Download it for free from the Google Play Store. Jordan would welcome suggestions for new features and improvements.

F1 Teammate Stats

F1 Teammate Stats screenshot

Rahul N has developed a Heroku-based app which allows you to compare the performance of teammates in any team and year of Formula One. The image above shows only one of many different tabular and graphical comparisons which make this app well-worth a look!

Formula Tour Visualisation

Formula Tour Visualisation screenshot

Gianluca Capozzi and Marco Costa have developed a visual analytics framework for Formula One, in their final project on the Visual Analytics course in the Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering at La Sapienza University of Rome. In their words:

The purpose of our application is to provide a framework able to graphically display data about
Formula 1 through a user-friendly interface. It’s possible to navigate through different views
in order to get visual informations about this sport. The application allows you to analyze
the history of Formula 1 from the first World Championship (1950) to the last (currently 2019)

They provide a report explaining all the details (4.5 MB) and an interactive demo. All source code from the project is available on Github.

Formula One Driver Dashboard

Formula One Driver Dashboard screenshot

Mandy Wong has created a remarkable F1 Driver Performance Dashboard which analyses and displays the performance of Formula 1 drivers throughout their careers. The project uses RShiny which allows you to build interactive web apps straight from R, a software environment of statistical computing. The source code for the project is available on Github.

Formula Nein

Formula Nein screenshot

Ken Monteith has created a curious website called Formula Nein which explores what Formula One would look like without Mercedes. The project uses Jinja2, a full-featured template engine for Python. Source code for the project is available on Github and allows you to simulate F1 results without any specified drivers or constructors.


F1Latest screenshot

Kai Sells has developed a highly functional web app called F1Latest, using Angular and Bootstrap. The app provides a countdown timer, race calendar, plus full results and standings. It also includes an embedded Twitter feed from the official F1 account. The app is fully responsive and includes a dark mode option. All the source code for the project is available on Github.

Formula One Discord Bot

Formula One Discord Bot screenshot

Dimitri Lambrou has created a Formula One Discord Bot which uses chat messages to present information about Formula One in response to user commands.
Users can invite the bot or join the Official F1 Bot Server for assistance and to chat with other Formula One fans.

Formula News 1

Formula News 1 screenshot

Viktor Jovanovski has created an Android app combining the latest news about Formula with schedule information, results and standings. The app also provides links to Formula 1 videos and a gallery of F1 pictures. You can install the app for free from the Google Play Store. Viktor hopes to provide an iOS version in the near future.

7 Degrees of Martin Brundle

7 Degrees of Martin Brundle screenshot

Sam Kennerly has created what is probably the most artistic presentation of Ergast data on his website called 7 Degrees of Martin Brundle. All the code used for the site is available from a GitHub repo which also includes a neat Python connector for the Ergast API.

F1 Alerts Telegram Bot

F1 Alerts screenshot

Diego Cea has created a Telegram bot that sends alerts for each Grand Prix session, combining data from Ergast with other sources. The alerts provide information about:

  • session schedules
  • circuit layouts
  • weather reports
  • session results
  • driver and constructor standings

You can join the channel here: and browse the open source code here:

Formula Uno Telegram Bot

Formula Uno Bot screenshot

Mattia Vidoni has developed a Telegram Bot which allows you to query all the information you might need about the current season. The source code is available in GitHub. Telegram users can interact with the bot here:

The History of Formula 1


Bernard de Bruin of Bitmetric has created an amazing mashup called The History of Formula 1 using Qlik Sense, a business intelligence and visual analytics platform, to create a wide range of charts which are too numerous to describe! Try it out for yourself here:

F1 Predict Web


Ville Kuosmanen has developed a F1 Qualifying prediction application called F1 Predict Web
The application is open source and split into two GitHub repositories, one that generates the predictions
and one for the website that visualises them. Check to see whether you agree with his predictions for the next Grand Prix!

F1 Reactor

Formula Graph screenshot

Roman Yamilov has created a website called F1 Reactor using ReactJS and ExpressJS. His aim was to provide fast and convenient access to historical data, in order to answer questions like “How many times did Kimi win at Spa?” or “How many races were held at Brands Hatch and who won the most of these races?”

Andrew’s F1 Rankings

F1 rankings screenshot

Andrew Freeborn has created a website that displays an algorithmic ranking of all Formula One drivers by their career success. In Andrew’s words:

“I wanted to be as inclusive as possible, so I landed up devising a system that allocates points to all starters of every race, on a scale that is heavily weighted towards the top end of the field. Then I normalise each set of race scores to account for the fact that not all races have the same number of competitors. Then I sum each driver’s race scores and divide the result by their number of starts, plus a correction factor that gives a small advantage to drivers with longer careers, but penalises those who partook in only a handful of races quite heavily. This mitigates the effect of “one hit wonders” who would otherwise dominate the rankings.”

See if you agree with his results here:

Formula Graph

Formula Graph screenshot

Nikolaj Gilstrøm has recently produced an updated version of his Formula Graph website which provides a slick chart-based UI using React, Redux and Chart.js. You can either select a year, and view the progress of drivers and constructors throughout the season, or examine the progress of drivers and constructors over the course of their careers.

F1 Stats NodeJS module

f1-stats screenshot

Server-side Javascript developers will be pleased to hear that Roger Esteve has created a NodeJS module providing F1 statistics from the Ergast API. The module supports a wide range of information and is well-documented. You can install the package directly from NPM registry.

One Timing

One Timing screenshot

João Belo has released a fully featured Android App called “One Timing” which combines data from the Ergast API with a range of data from other sources. The app provides all the information you need for the 2019 season and is available from the Google Play Store.

Total GP World

Total GP World screenshot

Gianluca Fattarsi has produced a fast, and responsive web app called Total GP World which provides a comprehensive analysis of Formula One results, using a responsive layout which is suitable for all devices.

It is an open-source project and Gianluca would welcome contributions, particularly towards improving the internationalisation. You can browse the source code in the GitHub repository or just explore the site itself

Countdown Widget

Countdown Widget screenshot

Alok Karnik has created a neat Countdown Widget for iOS which provides timing information for the next Grand Prix. He has published his code in GitHub:

Fanta Grand Prix

FantaGrandPrix screenshotFantaGrandPrix screenshot

Marco Gallo and Marco Radicchi have developed a Fantasy game for Formula One, Moto GP and Formula E called Fanta Grand Prix. Create your own team and challenge your friends!

F1.0 Telegram Bot

F1 Telegram Bot screenshot

Nicola Lisci has developed a Formula One Telegram Bot which you can talk to. The bot allows you to ask about:

  • latest qualification results
  • latest race results
  • fastest laps
  • driver rankings
  • constructor rankings
  • next race details

Telegram users can try it here:

Lap Time Comparison Tool

Laptime comparison tool screenshot

Firakti has developed a web-based lap time comparison tool which allows you to compare the lap times of selected drivers and races visually. You can try out it here:

Formula 1 Stat

Formula 1 Stat app screenshot

Alberto Miola has created a neat Android app called “Formula 1 Stat”. Check standings, schedules, info about the track, and much more. The data is updated in real-time and the app is multilingual, supporting English, Italian and French (German, Dutch and Spanish coming soon). It’s available free from the Google Play store.

Pebble Smart Watch App

Pebble App screenshot

Aleksandr Kropochev has created an intriguing Formula One app for the Pebble Smart Watch. The app provides a countdown to the next race and data for your favourite driver and team. There are versions for:

Racing Statistics

Racing-Statistics screenshot

Marien Melisse has created a website called Racing Statistics for primarily comparing F1 data. You can put any driver or constructor against each other, at various circuits or seasons (or for their whole careers). Try it with your favourite drivers here!

Formula One Tableau Widget

Tableau Widget screenshot

Giacomo Fusina and Daniele Puglisi at Human Highway have produced an amazing Tableau Widget using Ergast data, to show how rich and insightful an interactive control panel can be. You can explore the many features online or download it as a PDF document.

Grand Prix Stats

Formula Graph screenshot

Eneko Alonso has created some detailed visual dashboards for every Grand Prix season, past and present on his Grand Prix Stats website. The site was built using Jekyll and is hosted on GitHub Pages with graphics and charts produced with Chart.js and jQuery Sparklines. Dashboards for Races, Drivers and Teams will also be added soon.

Total GP World

Formula 1 World

Gianluca Fattarsi has developed an Android app called Total GP World which provides results, rankings, timetables and comparisons from the 1950 season to the present. Development of the app is continuing and Gianluca would welcome help with design and translation (see wiki). The app requires Android 5.0 or above and is available free from the Google Play Store

F1Scope Race Summary

F1Scope Summary screenshot

Michal Switala has created an amazing Race Summary Blog which provides an extensive analysis of Formula One races, using interesting visualisations of data from the Ergast API and elsewhere. It consists of several elements, which provide a complete overview of the top 10 action for the whole race, lap by lap.

Formula One Java API

Formula One API screenshot

Oleg Romanov has developed a Formula One API for Java Developers providing access to all the data available from the Ergast API. Clone or download it from GitHub

Grand Prix Stats

Grand Prix Stats Apple TV App screenshot

Eneko Alonso has developed this Grand Prix Stats application for Apple TV using Xcode 7 and Swift 2. The application provides a Calendar, Standings and Results etc plus Track Layout information. It’s available from the App Store (search for “Grand Prix Stats”).


F1ix screenshotF1ix screenshot

James Willock has developed F1ix, a free Formula 1 results and stats app for Windows based on the open source Material Design In XAML Toolkit. The app provides results, standings, calendar etc and is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10. Download the installer here.

Formula Calendar 2016

Formula Calendar 2016 screenshotFormula Calendar 2016 screenshot

Popescu Alexandru Constantin has developed an Android app called Formula Calendar 2016 with an interesting range of features including weather forecasts and notifications. The app requires Android 4.1 or above and is available free from the Google Play Store

Formula 1 Lap Charts screenshot

Daryl Jewkes has used the AngularJS and Bootstrap frameworks to create a website called Formula One Stats which provides a fluid and responsive experience on mobile and desktop devices. There’s a good AngularJS tutorial here which uses the Ergast API as a data source.

Formula 1 Lap Charts

Formula 1 Lap Charts screenshot

David Ortiz has developed a neat website called Formula 1 Lap Charts which shows driver positions throughout a selected race.

Wrangling F1 Data With R

Wrangling F1 Data With R book

Tony Hirst has released a provisional draft of a book called Wrangling F1 Data With R which demonstrates how you can apply the latest free, open source data analysis and visualisation techniques to Formula One data. If you want to learn how to use R, a programming language designed for statistical analysis, to produce sophisticated visualisations you’ll find this book invaluable.

F1 Timeline

F1 Timeline screenshot

Peter Cook has developed a fascinating visualisation called F1 Timeline which allows you to compare how different F1 driver’s careers have progressed with their age or against actual time. The app is one of the first to use the database image rather than the API

GP Companion

GP Companion screenshotGP Companion screenshot

Daniel Lenz has developed an Android app called GP Companion which provides a comprehensive range of information including track diagrams and news feeds. The app requires Android 4.1 or above and is available free from the Google Play Store

F1 Scope

F1 Scope screenshot

Michal Switala has developed this unique web application which provides a dynamic reconstruction of each race using an inventive visualisation of each driver’s race position.

F1uptodate App for Symbian

F1 2013 screenshotF1iptodate screenshot

schumi1331 has developed an App for Symbian smart phones called F1uptodate. It provides a detailed calendar with track image, starting times and other interesting data in 12 languages.

Race Results App for Android

F1 2013 screenshotRace Results screenshot

Peter Farrell has developed this Android App called Race Results which provides comprehensive information for the 2013 season and allows users to download results for offline reading. Available free from Google Play Store.

F1 Results App for Windows Phone

F1 Results screenshotF1 Results screenshot

Harsha deep Reddy has developed this cool looking app for Windows Phone called F1 Results. The app provides race results, driver tweets and much more in an attractive, easy to use interface. Available free from the Windows Phone store.

F1 Man

F1 Man screenshot

Yaraslau Kurmyza has developed the first non-English language website using the API called: F1 Man. The website provides statistical analysis and predictions for Russian speakers.


Lapalyzer screenshot

Dominic Ijichi has developed an analysis service for motor racing data called Lapalyzer. It provides a detailed analysis of championship and race results using a growing range of visualisations.

F1 Result Finder

F1 Result Finder screenshot

Amit Dhamu has developed this impressive F1 Result Finder site which optimises itself when used on mobile devices. It provides comprehensive results and race background information from the first championship in 1950 to the present day.

Racing Results App for iPhones and iPads

Racing Results screenshotRacing Results screenshot

Georg Hennerbichler has developed this comprehensive Racing Results App for iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch. As well as listing standings and results, the app provides dedicated driver information pages and presetable race reminders. Available free from iTunes.

F1 Beta – Formula 1 Management App

F1 beta screenshot

Geoff Liddiard has produced this impressive looking app for a Fantasy F1 Management competition with colleagues. Further developments under consideration.

Formula 1 – Alternative Point Scheme

Alternative Point Scheme screenshot

Matthias Reuter has created a comprehensive Alternative Point Scheme comparator which lets you compare the results of any historical F1 points scheme when applied to any specific season.

Shiny F1 Laptime Explorer

Laptime Explorer screenshot

Tony Hirst has produced an interactive analysis of the 2012 season using Shiny, a library for creating web applications using R. The site provides an in-depth analysis using 7 different charts.

Points Scheme Comparator

Points comparator screenshot has produced this highly polished F1 Points Scheme Comparator which lets you compare how drivers would have fared in the Drivers Championship each year under the three alternative points schemes in force between 1991-2002, 2003-2009 and 2010-2012.

Mobileng F1 2012 HD

Mobileng F1 screenshotMobileng F1 screenshot

Mobileng has produced two great free apps for WebOS users: Mobileng F1 2012 HD for tablets and Mobileng F1 2012 for smartphones. The apps provide access to F1 news feeds together with circuit information, race results and championship standings.

Open Formula 1 Live

F1 Live history screenshotF1 Live standings screenshot

Open Formula 1 Live is a free Android app combining Ergast historical data with live timing information from other sources. For more information see

F1 Appedia

F1 Appedia screenshotF1 Appedia screenshotF1 Appedia screenshot

F1 Appedia is a free Android app providing complete Formula 1 results listings. Up to date information is available on all drivers, constructors, circuits, races and championships from 1950 to the present day.

Available through Android Market.

Yahoo! Open Hack Day Brazil – F1 Results

F1 Results screenshot

F1 Results is a hack by Daniel Rodrigues da Costa Filho, Fabio Dan Dias Cardoso and Iraê de Carvalho Brasil which won the Best in Show and Hacker’s Choice awards at the 2010 Yahoo! Brazil Open Hack Day. It provides a really great visualization of F1 results using Canvas, CSS3, and other technologies.

Try it out at

View sourcecode

More Than F1 – Fantasy F1 Management Game

More Than F1 screenshot

More Than F1 is a free, web-based, fantasy F1 Management game. Pick drivers, chassis, engine and sponsors then watch your team’s fortunes and finances develop!
Sign up at:

Reality F1 – Fantasy Formula 1 Game

Reality F1 screenshot

Reality F1 is a free, web-based, fantasy Formula 1 game. Pick two drivers and two cars within a budget of £70 million and follow your team’s progress throughout the season!

Sign up at:

Formula 1 – Android Application

Android Formula 1 screenshot

Formula 1 is a free application for the Android platform providing schedules, standings and results.

More information here.

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