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  1. mapperz Avatar

    Just a quick suggestion
    It would be fairly easy to generate location maps of circuits with the data you are already outputting in xml or json using google maps api or virtual earth
    [VE likely to be better as has birds eye view option for major cities]

    Sliverstone Aerial only

    Monaco [Birds Eye on]

    however i would suggest ‘long’ is changed to ‘lng’

    as ‘Long’ is a reserved word for many database [SQL] based queries.

    it would save troube in future.

    An excellent API – well laided out and easy to understand.


  2. jax Avatar

    This is an excellent API. Is there any chance of getting the race lap times? I believe this is published in PDF format, although it could be alot of data.


  3. David Hughes Avatar

    Excellent API…

    Wish I had found it earlier could have saved me sooooo much time when running the Fantasy Formula 1 for my work!

    What’s the plans for next season and other sports?


  4. Admin Avatar

    The only current plan is to extend the database to include all seasons back to 1950 when the championship started. In principle, it would be good to cover some other motor racing series but I’m reluctant to take on the responsibility for data entry – this has to be timely and carefully checked. Perhaps the best plan would be to tidy up the code and release it as an open source project so that anyone could set up a service to cover another formula.

  5. GPM Avatar

    I have the 2009 gadget on my site, will it auto-update to the latest 2010 standings after tomorrows race?

  6. Admin Avatar


    I have the 2009 gadget on my site, will it auto-update to the latest 2010 standings after tomorrows race?

    Sure – there’s always a short delay whilst I enter the results and then another delay due to Google caching the database queries. The results are typically there within 2 hours.

  7. Matt Avatar

    Quick question, do you plan to add practice results in future/for the 2011 season?

  8. Admin Avatar


    do you plan to add practice results in future/for the 2011 season?

    I’ll put it on the “maybe” list for the 2012 season. But does anyone take much notice of the practice results? Not many people are using the qualifying results IIRC.

  9. Antonio Avatar

    Great API. One suggestion. It would be nice to have some way to show a photo of the driver, along with his name, nationality and date of birth.

  10. Admin Avatar


    It would be nice to have some way to show a photo of the driver

    Thanks for the suggestion. This should be possible for drivers in recent seasons, but perhaps not for all the historical data. I’ll look into it.

  11. Maksim Avatar

    How about season 2012? I want to use your api in my project.

  12. Admin Avatar

    Yes, I can confirm that the Formula 1 API will continue throughout the 2012 season. There may be some extensions but no major changes affecting backwards compatibility.

  13. Amit Dhamu Avatar

    This is a great API and I’m so happy I finally found one which is concise, easy to understand and a variety of return formats. Keep up the good work. I will be using this on my website at some point to make a next race widget.

    Would be nice if practice data was available or if you could combine a round so for each node in the round, you would have the practice data, qualifying data and then the race data. You could then build a widget similar to that on

    Great work so far though.

  14. Admin Avatar

    Many thanks for the positive feedback Amit. Be sure to send me a screenshot of your widget for the Application Gallery. I’ll look into your suggestion but I’m not certain there’s a demand for the practice data – there don’t seem to be many requests for the qualifying data. The traffic is mainly results and standings requests!

  15. Ameen Avatar

    Great it okay to use this API in my website ,if they like the API can they donate money ? And can I use this data to send messages to all those people who are interested in f1.

  16. Admin Avatar

    All these ideas sound reasonable Ameen.

  17. Brieuc Avatar

    Hello and great work !

    But it was better to have in your database model :

    – a relation between a driver and a team (constructor) for a season, and a result have for foreign key this relation
    – tables for manage season/position/point
    – a “country” table


  18. Admin Avatar

    Hi Brieuc,

    Thanks for the positive comments and suggestions.

    > a relation between a driver and a team (constructor) for a season

    I had considered that but occasionally drivers move between teams during the season (like Fisichella in 2009)

    – tables for manage season/position/point
    – a โ€œcountryโ€ table

    What would you want these tables to list?

  19. Brieuc Avatar


    > a relation between a driver and a team (constructor) for a season :

    You can add in relation between driver and team a position in the team, exemple :

    id_team_driver | id_team | id_driver | position
    1 Ferrari M. Schum 1
    2 Ferrari E. Irvine 2
    3 Ferrari M. Salo 3

    In tables ‘results’, ‘qualif’, …, use id_team_driver

    The advantage of this solution is to list titulare pilots (position tables for manage season/position/point

    This relationship allows to answer the question: what is the distribution of points of a season ?

    |id_score_system |
    | 1 |

    |id_score_system | position | point |
    | 1 | 1 | 10 |
    | 1 | 2 | 8 |

    fk : id_score_system
    pk : (id_score_system, position)

    A season have an id_score_system.

    > a โ€œcountryโ€ table

    It’s better to centrelize countries data (iso2, name, ref …) in other table.
    For exemple, if I use iso country code to display a flag icon.

    An other question : when is that qualifications are available after the session ?

    Tks !

  20. Geoff Avatar

    Hi, amazing set of data. I’ve been using it to power a Fantasy F1 app i’ve built for the office and its been flawless. I’m considering porting it to a Facebook app or similar for next season. Do you have any update on whether the API will available next year?



  21. Geoff Avatar

    With race results, is there any way to identify with the status entity whether or not the driver actually finished the race, i.e include a DNF string. I’m trying to differentiate between drivers that crashed out or retired and those that managed to stay on the track for the duration of the race.


  22. Admin Avatar

    Hi Geoff,

    With the current API you can do this by checking whether the Status field is “Finished” or ends with “Lap” or “Laps”.

    This isn’t very elegant so I’ll try to add something specific for the next season.

  23. Mike Avatar

    Fabulous API, really great to have this data available so easily.

    Any chance of adding tire type to the pit stop records? It would be really nice to be able to derive tire strategy (and weather conditions) from the pit stop details.

  24. Dan Avatar

    Excellent work on the API. Its so simple to use.

    Just wondering how far before the season starts do you update the drivers?
    For example for 2013 there are a number of new drivers.

    Or does this get populated after the first race too?
    Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Admin Avatar

    Hi Dan,
    One weakness of the current API is that there isn’t a way to list the drivers (or constructors) for the season until after the first race results are entered into the database. This sort of makes sense because you never really know who’s going to turn up until the first race (remember US F1?). However, all the new drivers for 2013 are in the database and this is the driverId line-up for 2013:


    Let me know if you build something interesting.

  26. Harry Hamilton Avatar

    It seems the fastest lap timings were missed off the last race (Spain 2013). Is this an oversight or is this to be expected from now on in the season?

    many thanks for a great data provision!


  27. Admin Avatar

    Hi Harry,

    Thanks for the heads-up.

    I’m not sure what happened earlier. The lap times are now there. I’ll keep an eye on this in future.


  28. Kevin Avatar

    Hi Chris.

    I have (like many before me, I discovered on this website) an application as well for predicting formula 1 results, which I use together with some colleagues. It was only yesterday that I thought of googling ‘Formula 1 API’. My app runs since the 2010 season, and ever since I had to manually configure the app every year, and update post-race results. Now thanks to your simple and clear API this work is all gone. I was able to implement your services very easily, and want to congratulate you on your work.

    You have a small, new user-base now based in Belgium ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Keep up the good work!

  29. Michael Avatar

    Hi Chris,

    great API! I am planning a fantasy F1 game and I pretty sure I am going to use your wonderful API! ๐Ÿ™‚

    one mistake i stumpled upon: the german grand prix in your RaceSchedule of 2013 is scheduled to 14th July 2013. In fact it is scheduled to 7th July 2013.

    At least i hope so, otherwise i will arrive at the track one week to early. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But again, thank you for your passion and keep up the excellent work!

    Greetings from germany

  30. Admin Avatar

    Thanks Michael – now fixed. I forgot to keep track of changes after the uncertainty over this year’s event.

  31. Jan Avatar

    This is some excellent piece of work.

  32. Kevin Avatar

    Just wanted to say that this is a great resource. It’s helped me out a lot. I’d like to cite it for a class project I’m doing. Do you have any request for the format of the citation?

  33. Admin Avatar

    Hi Kevin,

    Many thanks for the positive comments. For the citation you can use:

    Ergast Developer API

  34. Peter Avatar

    Just thinking about some charts for the 2014 season and wondered if you will be able to add the new FIA permanent driver numbers to the driver’s profiles.

    The FIA didn’t have Caterham’s driver when they made their main announcement, but this is the full list I believe:

    Will you also be able to update the 2014 season line-up with the final events and dates soon too

    Thanks for a nice API though.


  35. Admin Avatar

    Hi Peter,

    Permanent driver numbers have now been added as explained here:

    The 2014 schedule has also been updated and all the new drivers I’m aware of have been added.


  36. Johnny Wall Avatar

    Thanks for your work on this! I will be pulling from your site each weekend to store results, times on my side for our small F1 league

    Do you have any interested in storing IndyCar Data for the coming year? I saw that WEC is coming up as well.

  37. Admin Avatar

    HI Johnny,

    Although I’d be happy to host the data the main overhead in supporting a series is importing and checking the data after each race. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to do this for another series. If someone else would like to do it that would be fine but they shouldn’t underestimate the commitment involved.


  38. rob cooper Avatar

    Thank you for fixing the raceTime issue! Your service fills a MUCH NEEDED role in the F1 world. That said, I have a feature request: Any possibility of providing race date/time in UNIX epoch form? I’m not a terrific developer and crunching the time-formatted strings is somewhat involved. I think there would be lots of people who could use epoch time.

    PS: check out my avatar for a screenshot of my app — it’s for the Pebble smart watch.

  39. Admin Avatar

    Hi Rob,

    I’ll consider it in the future but for now I’ve frozen changes to the database and API for the duration of the new season, to give everyone a stable service to work with.

  40. rob cooper Avatar
    rob cooper

    Thanks! Knowing the API is frozen will let me do manual scraping of the date/time based on character position and know it won’t break during the year. I’l get started!

  41. Harry Avatar

    Would it be possible to include the speed trap speeds in the Qualifying results?

    It would be great to give my punters bonus FF1 points for the fastest driver through the speed trap.

  42. Admin Avatar

    Hi Harry,

    I’ll consider it, but I don’t usually make changes to the API after a season has started so it will probably have to wait until the end of the year.

  43. Jamie Avatar


    just wanted to say you’ve done an amazing job here. The amount of data available is incredible and the API itself is very easy to use.


  44. Florian Avatar

    Great data collection, thanks!

    Any chance to add
    – tyre-type (to pitstop? but what about the first stint? maybe a new table “stints”?)
    – sector times?
    – pitstop standing time?

  45. Admin Avatar

    Hi Florian,
    I’d be keen to add tyre data if I had a reliable and consistent source. If you find one please let me know. The same applies to sector times.

  46. Sarah Avatar


    I’m doing a Masters dissertation at Cardiff University and was hoping to be able to get hold of lap times for qualifying for the 2012 and 2013 seasons (and split into sector times). Do you have this data available at all?

    Many thanks

  47. Admin Avatar

    H Sarah,

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the sector times for qualifying, only the lap times e.g:

    AFAIK the FIA only publishes the best sector times for qualifying.

  48. Sarah Avatar

    Thanks for getting back to me. I really need all lap times for all drivers in FP3 and Q1 and Q2 and each lap time split into sector times. (plus knowing which tyre the driver is on). Do you have any ideas where I might be able to get this data from (and indeed whether it is available in the public domain?)

    Again many thanks

  49. Admin Avatar


    I think you would have to approach the FIA ( for that information. With any luck they might be supportive of academic research.

  50. Sarah Avatar

    I’ll give them a try. Many thanks for that information.

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